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sambucus canadensis farmer in green elderberry field salmon arm, bc

Can I grow elderberry? I live in a cold place in canada

Can I grow elderberry? I live in canada and its cold


Can I grow elderberry in Canada?

As elderberry farmers, we get this question every day: "Can I grow elderberry? I live in a cold place" or, "I live in zone 4, will elderberry survive?" and "What variety should I grow, i'm in Williams Lake, or high elevation in Vernon?"

Yes elderberry will not only survive the Canadian winters but can thrive in many places. There's lots more to say on the topic of growing elderberry in canada.

Read on to get our tips for growing elderberry in cold places:


grow elderberry in northern BC canada

grow S. canadensis elderberry in zone 2 and zone 3

early ripening elderberry varieties: Ranch, Nova, Berry Hill, Kent, Victoria

grow European Sambucus nigra in zone 6 or warmer

contact elderberry grove, salmon arm, bc to order elderberry cuttings

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