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Elderberry Juice | Organic

organic elderberry juice grown in bc canada
elderberry syrup, elderberry shrub, elderberry juice from elderberry grove organic farm
Product image 1organic elderberry juice grown in bc canada
Product image 2elderberry syrup, elderberry shrub, elderberry juice from elderberry grove organic farm

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Update: Juice is no longer shipped in winter since it freezes at -5C. But! i'll make it available again from spring to fall. Syrup and Shrub continues to be available year-round because they contain honey and thus won't cause freezing issues. Also Juice continues to be available in stores in BC.


Elderberry Juice is for those that like the pure stuff. This juice is just fresh-squeezed elderberries from our farm with a smidgin' of citric acid to harmonize the sourness. A little tart with ultra low sweetness, this rich elderberry taste is classic!


Ingredients: organic elderberries, citric acid.


Each 250ml bottle is packed with

- .8 lb of berries

- that’s 4,900mg elderberry per teaspoon/5ml

- 50 servings


 -> Sip it straight from a spoon, add a splash to bubbly water, juice or tea, create a dressing, mix a cocktail or make gummies! 


We think elderberry juice is the best! And its what we drink most in our home. Unlike the syrup and shrub which we formulated to keep for 4 months (once open in the fridge) the juice keeps for 4 weeks. Don't think you'll finish the juice up in a month or so? Freeze the extra juice in ice cube trays and pop them out as needed. Or if you like your elderberry fizzy like we do keep enjoying your juice at your own pace. As the weeks go by its typical for a natural bubbly fermentation to start. Plus you get the bonus healthy gut bacteria! We love it.



It all starts with elderberries grown fresh at our organic farm Elderberry Grove in Secwepemculecw, commonly known today as Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

Fresh-squeezed by the farmers that grew em', this berry-full juice has tons of fruitful goodness.

Certified Organic by NOOA 04-334 for sale in British Columbia.

Customer Reviews

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5 stars

love the juice

Fantastic vital juice!

The Elderberry juice is awesome quality. So vital and delicious. The colour is out of this world gorgeous! It didn’t last long in my fridge! Yum!!!

Great tasting juice

I add it to my smoothie everyday to give me a immunity boost :)

Pure juice in smoothie - great idea!

Best Elderberry out there

I've tried many different Elderberry syrups and this is the best there is. Not only is it really tasty and natural, it works so well. I take a tablespoon at the onset of a cold or scratchy throat and that's it! All better and it doesn't develop into a cold. Love this Elderberry and the company. Really honest business.

Wow! what a kind review. So glad you're finding the elderberry we grow is benefiting you. I think i'll go have some now... :) louise

Wonderful organic product

This was my second order of Elderberry juice. It taste great. Full of antioxidants. I recommend this product. Prompt delivery.

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