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Our Farm Story

Welcome!  Elderberry Grove provides families in BC who care about locally grown elderberry with farm-direct, fresh-squeezed, organic elderberry syrups and elderberry cuttings to grow your own.
hand holding cluster of elderberries
Years ago, as we made our first elderberry syrup from local wild berries; we were amazed how we stayed healthy all winter AND it tasted so good that we enjoyed it in bubbly water & cocktails.
When we saw everything in the cold and flu section was made from dehydrated berries, diluted with weird stuff and none were grown locally; by 2017 we knew we wanted to grow & fresh-squeeze the berries ourselves. 
As organic farmers we are commited to growing health, from the ground up, that tastes REALLY good. We are pleased to share our pure line of elderberry syrups with families in BC; and provide the largest collection of elderberry varieties so you can enjoy the benefits of growing your own.
founders & farmers,
Louise & Jed
Louise & Jed, founders and farmers at Elderberry Grove

Free Shipping on orders over $60 (BC & AB) and $150 (rest of canada).