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Hi I'm Elderberry, "Queen of the Forest".

I'm one of the easiest plants to start from cuttings out there.

So easy in fact that buying a rooted plant is hardly worth the hassle and higher cost. My cuttings want to live and will grow roots quickly!

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So, follow these 10 steps and you're on your way to success! 


1. When you receive your new cuttings in the mail place them in the fridge until planting, and ensure the bags remain sealed so that they do not dry out.

2. You may start them directly in the soil in their permanent location or choose to start them early in pots in a greenhouse environment.

3. Place cutting "angled cut side" down with bottom node buried 3 inches or more below the soil; top node must protrude above soil.  

4. If starting indoors in pots you can use a fertile mycorrhizae inoculated potting soil, or a soil-like media such as perlite/peat treated with mycorrhizal inoculant. Us elderberries rely heavily on mycorrhizal relationships.

You can also make a biochar slurry to dip the cuttings themselves if you are planting directly in permanent location.

5. Remember - cuttings are happiest when well watered and soil is always sufficiently moist during the rooting period. Cuttings like lots of water.

6. Honestly, first year elderberry bushes do not compete well with grass and weeds.

So ensure we are well mulched in a way that will entirely prevent weeds from interfering with root development.

That's why Jed and Louise use black plastic the first year - which is removed the second year and replace with biological mulch like wood chips. We like that.

7. For good pollination of flowers and good berry set ensure two elderberry varieties. However, we are a bit mysterious - some people do report success with only one variety.

8. As we elderberry can grow to 7-11 ft high and wide (or more if left unpruned!), plant us 6 ft apart or every 2-4 ft for a hedge.

9. Prune to desired size during winter dormancy for ease of harvest.

10. Have fun and be well!


Love, Elderberry

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