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Honour the lost children from residential schools with action

Honour the lost children from residential schools with action

 May 2021

TW: genocide

Hearing about last weeks findings at Kamloops Residential School... the unmarked graves with the remains of 215 children... its a lot and my heart goes out to everyone grieving, especially survivor families. Those children each had names and families and places they called home. May there be justice and honouring to those communities. 

As the news sinks in, im hearing non-indigenous folks in particular requesting what they can do. One way to honour these children is to listen to the Indigenous communities afffected and follow with action. Scroll down to see a list of actions.

Echoing the #215pledge .. First know this is not an isolated event from the past. Survivors have known about many unmarked graves. Lets use the anger towards these atrocities to build momentum for justice. Across Canada a search for undocumented grave sites needs to happen and families reunited in ways that are honouring to them. And even if church and goverment leaders have continued to deny the experiences of those harmed by residential schools, we accept their truth and listen as Indigenous people lead the way forward.

Below are some actions ive learned from Indigenous and non-indigenous folks including Raven_Trust


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