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Sparkling Elderflower & Rose Ferment

Sparkling Elderflower & Rose Ferment

basket of elderflower and rose petals

    Recipe: Sparkling Elderflower & Rose by Louise at Elderberry Grove

Its June. At the farm Samyl elderflowers are first to bloom just as the wild roses by our home are slowing down. Its a wonderful time to meld these two herbal medicines and make a refreshing bubbly drink!


🌸 Gathering 10-20 elderflower cymes. Removed green stems.

🌸 Then get a couple handfuls of wild roses.

🌸 Place flowers in jar that can hold atleast 2.5L.

🌸 Slice a few lemons.

🌸 Measure 250g sugar or 220g honey.

🌸 Fill jar with ingredients, add 2.5L water and stir

🌸 Cover jar with cloth and secure tightly with elastic.

🌸 Place in sun or warm spot.

🌸 Stir daily and ferment for 3-5 days. (3 days if its warmer, 5 if its cooler).

🌸When its tasting good its ready, strain and drink.

🌸 To increase bubblyness (yes more sparkling please!!), pour into swing top bottles or plastic pop bottles, close and refrigerate for a day or so.

Enjoy over next few days!

elderflower and rose sparkling drink

🍃I hope these blooms remind you of the hope of renewal that Spring brings and their beauty awakens a little bit of wonder and connection with nature ~ louise

Elderflower and Roses drink recipe

🌼 Photo 1: brown circular basket filled with fresh pink wild rose petals and elderflower clusters. Behind grows Sweet Cicely's green ferny leaves.

🌼 Photo 2: on grass sits a large clear glass jar filled with water, lemon, sugar, rose and elderflower. Behind is rose bush.

🌼 Photo 3: close up of open jar filled with elderflowers and roses.

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