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Frozen Elderberries | Certified Organic

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Enjoy the benefits of 22 lbs of Frozen Organic Elderberries direct from our farm!

Now available to ship in BC. To order from other provinces please email Louise

Shipped on Mondays to ensure it arrives same week. Takes 2-4 days depending on location.

Package: Your 22 lb pail of frozen berries is packed with ice packs, covered in plastic bags in cardboard box. Arrives a little thawed but still cold so freeze immediately or repack into bags.

In the fall we harvest ripe dark elderberries (blend of Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus nigra, Sambucus cerulea), carefully destem and freeze - all within hours so your berries are at peak goodness!

-> Make elderberry syrup, press them for juice, wine making, bake a pie - enjoy!

* Traditional knowledge says "heat elderberries before consuming, not a raw eating berry"

Grown in Salmon Arm, BC by two organic farmers

BC Certified Organic with NOOA when sold in British Columbia

Customer Reviews

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Gary B. (Dawson Creek, BC)
So much better than dried…

I recently purchased a pail of fresh frozen Elderberries ond had them shipped to me way up here in Hudson’s Hope. BC. Because of the shipping distance, and perhaps because of the carrier’s handling, there was a bit of leakage, but all in all, a great success! I have used some of them to make one of my favourite breakfast spreads, and some to make a very healthy Elderberry ferment. Thank you Elderberry Grove

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