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ripe purple elderberries with green elder leaves and green grass

Pre-Order Your Elderberry Cuttings This Fall

Shipping January through April

Elderberry Cuttings 2024/2025

Here are some important instructions:

We Support You

If you're new to elderberry growing and have questions, don't worry! We're here to provide expert guidance. To ensure a thriving crop of flowers and berries, in spring, plant your elderberry cuttings in a sunny spot with nutrient-rich soil. As early as 16 months, you can begin harvesting elderberries and relish the immune-building benefits with your loved ones.

Growing FAQ's

What you Need to know

Rest assured, elderberry bushes are well-suited to survive Canadian winters and produce thriving flowers and berries. However, deciding on the right variety can be confusing. We recommend varieties "Ranch" and "Berry Hill" which thrive in most regions across Canada. They root easily, ripen early, and are reliable producers of flowers and berries.

Elderberry Varieties
elderberry cutting and elderberry bush

Order Instructions


  • Unsure what elderberry varieties to order? We got you! Simply choose "Let us select best varieties for your address" and we'll send you a personalized mix! (we'll use the shipping address you enter at check out)
  • Add minimum 4 cuttings to your cart. This ensures best chance for success
  • We recommend more than 1 variety for better fruit set
  • Each order comes with a printout of elderberry growing tips
  • Available January through April: we ship cuttings in the order we receive orders.
  • At the time of packing your cuttings, if we are out of stock, we'll substitute with a good alternative
  • USA - all USA orders require a phytosanitary certificate: <100 cuttings: $54USD phytosanitary fee is part of your shipping cost, calculated at checkout >100 cuttings: no cost for phytosanitary and shipping

Certified Organic by NOOA for sale in BC

Buy more cuttings and save:
25+: 10% off
100+: 23% off
1000+: 47% off
2000+: 54% off
3000+: 58% off

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

All of my cuttings have leaves and some flowers! Packaging, shipping and instructions were easy and a great experience. Would recommend and may place an order for next year.

Tamsin L. (Edmonton, AB)
Super impressed!

Not only did they send me 4 extra cuttings, they ALL took, and they’re doing great. I’m in Fort st John BC, zone 3

Kim J. (Cranbrook, BC)
They are growing..yippee

Just a thank you for your kind service in replacing my cuttings Louise, this batch are like mighty warriors. Whatever I did wrong last year still unsure but this batch is out of the starting gate, and will stay in the green house for awhile longer, and I will even cover them from the heat when it gets too hot.
Thanks again great service.

L R. (Stony Plain, AB)
Very excited

I have had my cuttings potted for almost two weeks now after sitting in my fridge for a month, and they’re are already shooting up some leaves, I can’t wait to get them in the ground and see them grow big. Thank you for the extra shoot as well!

Monica B. (Sherwood Park, AB)
Phewww, Just made it!

So happy I found the Elderberry syrup at a local store (Whimsical) in Stoney Plain, AB. I jumped on the website and ordered my elderberry sticks. I just made the deadline phewww. I really hope I can make a go of this!! Shop local!!

Free Shipping on orders over $60 (BC & AB) and $150 (rest of canada).