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Elderberry Syrup | Certified Organic

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Elderberry Syrup is our most popular offering; loaded with organic elderberries fresh from our farm, sweetened with organic BC honey plus a little bit of organic lemon juice. This elderberry syrup is a family staple loved by kids of all ages!


Ingredients: Fresh-Pressed Organic Elderberries, Organic Honey, Organic Lemons.


Each 250ml bottle (50 servings) is packed with

  • over 1/2 lb of elderberries - fresh from our farm - never dehydrated stuff
  • that’s 3,300 mg elderberry per 5ml/tsp - double potency!
  • Take a shot, add a splash to bubbly water, create a dressing, mix a drink, drizzle on oatmeal and smoothie or make gummies. 

After opening, refrigerate & best used within 4 months


Thank you to the wild elders growing nearby our home for inspired us to plant our own elderberry grove. While other elderberry syrups are brown colored and made with imported dehydrated berries we kept wondering why did ours look and taste so vibrant? Its simple, really. We are delighted to grow our own fresh-squeezed berries to maximize the bioshield of benefits. Since 2017 we're proud to offer the only BC farmer-grown elderberry syrups around. This is what families say after trying our syrup: "its sooooo good!"



It all starts with organic elderberries grown at our farm Elderberry Grove on unceded Secwepemc territory, today known as Salmon Arm, BC, Canada.

Picked and fresh-squeezed by the farmers Jed & Louise that grew em', this berry-full syrup has tons of fruitful goodness.

Certified organic by NOOA 04-334 for sale in British Columbia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Cindy L. (Edmonton, AB)

I use it in tea, smoothies and sometimes by the table spoon. Helps my immune system stay strong. Colds and allergy cut short.

margaret F. (Campbell River, BC)
very good!

But, and don't you just hate that word, can you make a batch with less sugar?

Thank's for your review and your great suggestion! I have good news for you. We ALREADY DO! We offer our Shrub style syrup which uses 50% less honey than our regular syrup, and we also sell Pure Elderberry Juice which uses 100% less honey!
Note: We do not use any sugar in any of our products. Only Locally Sourced Organic Honey

Pooja (New Westminster, BC)

I've been familiar with elderberry for awhile but my kids struggled to take it down. I stumbled upon Elderberry Grove Farm recently and my family loves the taste of the syrup. I'm so happy and pleased with everything about Elderberry Grove Farm products and the people they have been amazing. Looking forward to our continued use of their amazing products. Thank you Jed and Louise

Tanner E. (Duncan, BC)
Great For Staying Vibrant

This is a great product and we regularly use it especially in the colder months of the year when we are starting to feel a little sick or if we just need a boost. Jed and Louise are a wonderful team and the product they brew is a reflection of that partnership.

That is so kind of you to say. Glad you find the elderberry we grow to be beneficial :)

Elena C.C. (Calgary, AB)
Great product!

Thanks for the best quality syrup. I will buy it again. Highly recommend.

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